Lakeside Community Theatre is an extremely unique theatre. We believe that Theatre can be created anywhere. We believe in using our
imaginations to guide us in creating outstanding productions for The Colony and its surrounding communities! Come join us and see what you
can create!

You will be sent a confirmation and membership card via email once your membership donation has been received.
If you have any questions
regarding membership please give us a call or email your request to or call
(214) 801- 4869.

If my application is accepted I hereby agree to be bound by the Constitution and Rules of the LCT. Should your application not be accepted, the Annual Fee will be returned.
Visit the link below to purchase your Lakeside
Community Theatre Membership! All donations are
tax deductable - Please specify the name (s) that you
would like listed in the playbill at checkout in the
special instructions box
Lakeside Community Theatre
      Starring Role:    $20.00
Benefits Include:

•        LCT membership card                
•        Ten percent discount on show tickets
•        Recognition in each program's playbill                                  
•        Monthly email newsletters
•        Email notice of audition dates
•        Invitation to End of Season Awards Dinner
          Playwright:      $35.00

Benefits Include:

•        All of the Starring Role gifts        
•        Recognition of your immediate family members in each playbill
   Producer:      $300 to $999

Benefits Include:

  • All of the Director gifts   
  • LCT T-Shirt     
Executive Producer:     $1,000+

Benefits Include:

•        All of the Producer gifts        
•        4 free tickets to each show

Please return this application form with remittance to:
Membership, Lakeside Community Theatre, PO BOX 5660413, The Colony, Texas 75056

Or you may purchase your membership online by following the link at the top of the page
If paying online, please complete the application and mail to LCT at your earliest convenience.
        I hereby apply for membership to Lakeside Community Theatre and if my application is accepted I hereby agree to
       be bound by the Constitution and Rules of the Group. Should your application not be accepted, the Annual Fee will be returned.

     First name                                             Last name

Please check your Membership Type:   
Starring Role          Playwright        Director     Producer        Executive Producer


City  _________________________________________ Zip Code________________________      

Telephone:  ___________________________________                                                    

E-mail: _______________________________________                                                                               

Check Amount:  $_______________________________

* For volunteer opportunities visit - – (214) 801-4869 *
Please enter how you would like to be listed in the playbill:




   Director:        $100 to $299

Benefits Include:

•        All of the Playwright gifts
•        An advertisement in one of the current seasons playbill
Corporate Sponsorship:       $1000 and Over
If you are interested in underwriting one of Lakeside Community
Theatre's productions, please call 214-801-4869 for consideration,
guidelines and benefits. You may also request additional
information by emailing
All donations are tax-deductable.